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Real Estate - Easements

In its simplest terms, an Easement is “a Right of Use over the property of another” (Black’s Law Dictionary).  This right of use can take on different forms, depending upon the intent of the parties to the easement, and the way in which the easement is written and recorded.

Examples of Easements include the right of “ingress and egress”, such that one person has the right to cross another’s land to enter and exit their own land.

Easements sometimes lead to confusion and conflicting interpretations about what they mean. If you are giving someone an easement over your land, or receiving the benefit of an easement from someone else, it is best that both sides employ experienced counsel to write out the easement just as clearly as possible, so that the current parties to the easement, as well as future generations, won’t have to litigate the meaning of the easement, or its extent.




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