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What is Elder Law?

The practice of Elder Law at the Witecki Law Office takes into consideration a person’s need for housing, Long Term Care, health care, asset management, asset protection and preservation, ownership succession of assets and business interests and related issues for individuals as they advance in age. Among other things, these services include:

  • Providing for the management of an individual’s personal assets and business interests in the event of disability or incompetence in such a way that the individual’s needs are fully provided for during their lifetime, while still affording the individual some asset protection, if desired.
  • Providing for the efficient transfer of assets to a person’s heirs upon their death, taking into consideration the estate tax, income tax and gift tax consequences of the transfers, the age and ability of the heirs to directly manage their inheritance, the likelihood that creditors or divorcing spouses may make claims against the inheritance, the possibility that heirs may be the recipients of government benefit programs which might be curtailed or impeded by a direct bequest of assets to that heir, and other relevant issues.
  • Providing that an individual’s health care preferences are honored, even if the individual is later unable to express those wishes and desires for themselves.

In order to accomplish these objectives, documents such as Wills, Living Wills & Health Care Proxies, Trusts and Powers of Attorney are utilized. Other simple measures, such as the use of beneficiary designation forms and “i/t/f”, “POD” and “TOD” designations are sometimes recommended for particular assets, where such designations fit the circumstances.





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