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On Turning Fifty

Upon a time once I was one
Of college age and mind;
But as my mirror reflects me now, well,
Those years are well behind

In time I turned an older age
When one score years ago,
My timely life odometer was reading three-zero

But I still was young with energy,
And without pains and aches
So therefore I lacked the perspective
That one learns from life’s mistakes.

Even forty passed with ease when once I came to know
That 40 is but 39-- viewed from a year ago.

But as my life’s odometer rolls on from year to year,
I see as 50 comes my way, that with it comes no cheer.

Pains and aches are manifest
while energies decline
For unlike bottled vintages,
Men don’t age like wine.

Stop it not can I do now,
It marches forth with force,
As Father Time moves swift my way,
To mark my half-century course.

But ten years hence shall I reflect upon these decades five.
To realize I was but a lad, with vigor, vim and drive

- Glenn Witecki


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