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Night Fire Intensity

By the night fire sat I
Inhaling dancing, twirling flames
Mesmerized by nature’s own fireworks
Crackling sparks rising on the heated winds of Hope
Then, in an instant, dissipating embers self-extinguishing
Against the smoke distorted backdrop of the starless night.

The fire spoke to me---

Said She:

Look into me with spirited eyes
To shed your fears and cremate your lies
For Truth burns hot and shines bright light
While lies run cool amid the night

So when the road divides again
Where good and evil mark their bounds
Think twice before you choose your path
When marching on these hallowed grounds

Said She to look beneath the flames
where the charred remains of last hours’ fire
portend the vestiges of history

Within those bluish orange licking flames
Where kindling ignited larger wood
Pulsating hot embers now stand proudly

Where soon -- Wind and Rain

shall improvise an alloy of memories,
aspirations and fire dust.

~ Glenn J. Witecki  2009




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